Charm Of Choice


This Charm Sparkles.  Choose a bold color Pearl to make this piece of jewelry Pop.


This is a Favorite. Classy, Stylish and Timeless.


A rose by any other name still smells just as sweet.

Heart of Hearts

Display your Pearls in this Beautiful Charm. Available in Silver and Rose Gold

Love Charm

There is no better way to say how you feel.

Love Letter

A Lovely Way To Hold All Your Pearls


This Charm is a favorite. Heavy weight and made with attention to details.

Eddie says this Charm Is Half Dragon and Half Fly.


A True Dieheart Flamingo Fan will love this Charm!


A Charm That Makes A Statement Of Peace


For The Cute & Nutty Side In Us All


For the Cat Lovers. This Charm is not only adorable, but a little sassy too.

Eddie says, OMG It's So Cute!!!

Paw Print

Are you a Fan of the Panthers, Tigers, Bearcats or just a furry friend? Then this is the Charm for you.

Star Fish

What better way to show off your Pearl Of The Sea than with a Star Fish. 

Eddie says this is His Favorite Charm. He says it make sense now since both pearl and star fish are from the ocean. ;)


A Sweet Charm That Reminds Us Of Summer

Palm Tree

This Palm Tree Charm is gorgeous.  Being from South Carolina, this Charm is special.

Double Heart

This Charm holds Pearl 7 mm or larger.

Mother & Child

A Mother's Love. Nothing Is As Beautiful

Best Mom

As A Mom, This Will Touch Her Heart!

Red Gem Cage

What an interesting way to show off your pearls  

White Gem Cage

A Classy Style

Pink Gem Cage

A Pretty Way To Display A Pinky Pearl

Cinderella's Carriage

For The Princess In Your Life


For the Magical Way To Display Your Pearl

Dance Mom

For The Proud Mom Of The Next Super Star

Soccer Ball

Every Soccer Mom Needs This Charm


Batter Up!


This Charm Brings Back Sweet Memories

Hello Kitty

Just A Cute Charm For The Hello Kitty Fans

Dance Star

Let The World Know Your Passion

Minnie Mouse

So Sweet She Is and So Is This Charm

Bird Cage

This Charm Holds Up To 10 Pearls

Long Cage

This Charm Can Hold Many Of Your Favorite Pearls

Twist Cage

This style is an interesting way to catch the eye.  It displays your prettiest pearl with style.


Beauty From The Sea

Lord Take The Wheel

Such a cute design for those that love the sea or boating. 

Light House

To Show You The Way


This beautiful Charm not only represents a horse, but also Mustangs, Broncos, Stallion & many more.


Bad To The Bone!  This Charm is the same on both sides.  It has openings at the eyes, nose and mouth. Pearl shown in this Charm is the Oil Slick Color.


We like to offer many choices to our Customers. This little Charm does just that.

Silver Apple

What A Great Way To Tell That Favorite Teacher Thank You!

Teacher's Heart

A Very Nice Silver Heart Apple Charm That Can Hold Up To 10 Pearls

Teacher's Pet

This Cute Rose Gold Apple Charm Gets An A+

Foot Prints In The Sand

Foot Prints In The Sand

"During your times of trial and suffering,
when you see only one set of footprints,
it was then that I carried you."

Coffee Mug

For The Coffee Lover In Your Life

Red Heart

Such a Pretty Charm To Show Your Love of Pearls

Deluxe Charm & Five Oyster Openings

Tree Of Life

What a unique way to carry your many pearls.  Very classy.  This charm will be included in a package deal with five Oyster Openings.

Family Tree

Also one of our favorite charms.  This pretty rose gold is a perfect way to display a pearl for each of your family members. Beautiful! This charm will be included in a package deal with five Oyster Openings.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

A clever way to show off your pretty Pearls.  Collect every color of the rainbow.  This charm will be included in a package deal with five Oyster Openings.

Game Of Thrones Charm & One Oyster Opening

House Targaryen

“Fire and Blood”

House Stark

"Winter Is Coming”

House Lannister

“Hear Me Roar!”

House Greyjoy

“We Do Not Sow”

House Martell

“Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

House Baratheon

“Ours is the Fury”